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What to Do When You Run Out of Gas

A person who has run out of gas using a jerry can to fill up their car.

Running out of gas is one of those experiences every driver dreads. But let's face it, in a city like Las Vegas, NV, with its unpredictability and occasional traffic jams, it can happen to the best of us. Don't worry, though. If your gas gauge drops to E, we're here to help you navigate through this situation safely.

Recognize The Warning Signs

The first thing to do when you suspect you're running low on gas is to keep calm. Cars are good at giving you warning signals.

Usually, your gas light will come on, and that is your car telling you it has reached the quarter-full mark. Pay close attention to these indicators to avoid running out of gas in a busy highway or when traveling long distances.

Find The Nearest Gas Station

If your warning light is on, that's your cue to locate the nearest gas station. There are a few ways to do this. You could use your car's in-built GPS system, or you could run a simple internet search on your phone. It's always better to stop at the first gas station you see, rather than hoping you'll make it to the one further down the road.

What To Do If You're Stranded

What if you run out of gas before reaching a fuel station? First, turn on your hazard lights - this is standard practice. It alerts other drivers to your situation and keeps you safer in the process. Ideally, you should also steer your vehicle to a safe area, like a parking lot or the side of a well-lit road.

Emergency Roadside Assistance

If you're stuck without gas, activating your emergency blinkers is not enough. It might be time to call for roadside emergency assistance. Some insurance providers offer emergency roadside services, but you might get help faster by calling We Provide Roadside. We can dispatch one of our roadside fuel delivery drivers to you right away.

Options For Fuel Delivery Services

Fuel delivery services, like those provided by We Provide Roadside, are a real lifesaver in these situations. If you’re stranded without a gas station in sight, a fuel delivery service we can bring you gas quickly. Your only job is to make sure you're safe by staying in your car and waiting for us to arrive.

Avoiding Potential Hazards

Not having gas can cause other problems for your vehicle. For example, running your tank dry could potentially damage your fuel injectors. Therefore, it's a good idea to always keep your gas tank at least half-full whenever possible.

Planning Ahead

Prevention is always better than cure. See if you can avoid this stressful situation in the first place by investing in an emergency kit. This can include a gas can, which you can fill at a service station during your next visit. Also, try to keep an eye on your gauge more frequently and fill-up earlier rather than later.

Benefits Of Always Being Prepared

  • Avoid running into inconvenient situations during unpredictable traffic jams or long road trips.

  • Reduce the risk of damage to your car by ensuring your gas tank never runs completely dry.

  • Enjoy peace of mind knowing you're prepared for this common roadside emergency.

Get Help When You Need It Most

Remember, even the best-laid plans can fail, but you aren't alone. We Provide Roadside is here to assist you in Las Vegas, NV with reliable, quick, and professional service.

Whether it's day or night, a busy weekday or a quiet weekend, our fuel delivery service will ensure you're never left stranded. So, next time, when you find yourself in that pinch, you can confidently say – It's OK! We Provide Roadside has got my back.


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