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Car lockout serbice. Image shows a key in a car ignition.

Specials Start At $79


We Provide Roadside offers roadside assistance services, including a specialized car lockout service, in Las Vegas, NV. We understand the inconvenience and urgency of being locked out of your vehicle, so our service is designed to provide quick and damage-free solutions. Call us for assistance: (702) 510-9280

What Is A Car Lockout Service?

A car lockout service is a specialized assistance provided when drivers cannot access their vehicles. It involves unlocking the car door without causing damage. This service is important in situations where traditional methods of entry are not possible.

Common scenarios leading to car lockouts include:

  • Lost Keys

  • Leaving Keys Inside The Car

  • Malfunctioning Locks Or Key Fobs

  • Broken Keys Or Keys Stuck In The Door Or Ignition

  • Automatic Lock Malfunctions

  • Faulty Remote Car Starters

  • Compromised Car Door Locks

Car Lockout Services Help You Avoid DIY Troubles

A common misconception is that using a coat hanger or a Slim Jim is a safe and efficient way to unlock your car door. However, these tools could harm your vehicle's locking mechanism and strip the seal around your car window. Our car unlocking service uses advanced tools and techniques, assuring the integrity of your vehicle's lock system.

Clear & Competitive Pricing

At We Provide Roadside, we prioritize clear and straightforward pricing. We ensure that you are fully aware of the costs involved from the outset for all of our services, including jump starts, tire changes, and fuel delivery. There are no unexpected fees added later. 

Our prices are competitive, offering you high-quality service that matches your budget requirements. This approach is designed to meet the financial considerations of both professionals and families, guaranteeing a fair and transparent pricing structure for all our customers.

Benefits Of A Car Lockout Service

  • Quick Response & Resolution: One of the primary benefits of a car lockout service is getting a swift response. When you're stranded, every minute counts. Our service ensures a prompt resolution, so you can resume your schedule with minimal delay.

  • Avoid Damage To Your Vehicle: Attempting to unlock your car yourself can often lead to unintended damage, such as scratches or damage to the lock mechanism. A professional car lockout service uses specialized tools and techniques to safely unlock your vehicle without any harm.

  • Safety In Unfamiliar Or Unsafe Areas: Being locked out of your car in an unfamiliar or potentially unsafe area can be distressing. A car lockout service provides a solution to the lockout and a sense of safety, allowing you to stay in a secure location while help is on the way.

  • Professional Expertise & Tools: Professional locksmiths possess the necessary expertise and tools to handle various types of car locks and scenarios. This expertise ensures that your car lockout situation is resolved efficiently and effectively, regardless of the complexity.

What To Do In Case Of A Lockout

In the event of a car lockout, it's important to remain calm and follow these immediate steps to ensure a quick and safe resolution:

  • Find a Safe Location: If you're on a busy road or in an unfamiliar area, move to a nearby safe and well-lit location.

  • Assess the Situation: Check if you have a spare key available or if there's an alternative way to access your car without causing damage.

  • Avoid DIY Methods: Refrain from using DIY methods like coat hangers or screwdrivers, as they can damage your vehicle.

  • Contact We Provide Roadside: Call us for immediate assistance. Our team is equipped to respond promptly and efficiently to your location.

Choose Us For Your Lockout Needs

At We Provide Roadside, our team is skilled in handling lockout situations across a diverse array of vehicles, from the latest models to classic cars. This expertise ensures that no matter what type of vehicle you drive, we have the knowledge and tools to address your lockout needs effectively.

If you find yourself locked out of your car in Las Vegas, NV don’t panic. Call We Provide Roadside: (702) 510-9280. Our prompt response, expert technicians, and affordable prices make us the trusted choice for local drivers during lockout crises.

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